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LSBS – Rules and Regulations

Latest News
  • Registrations open for Fellowship Diploma in Anterior Skull Base Surgery 2025
  • KMC (affiliate of Medical Council of India) has awarded 6 CME credit points for each module.
  • Registrations Open for Fellowship Diploma in Lateral Skull Base Surgery 2025

LSBS – Rules and Regulations

About The Courses

  • World Skull Base Foundation Fellowship in Lateral Skull Base Surgery is an annual event.
  • This course comprises of 2 modules of 7 days each that enables the Dissector to learn from the basics to the most advanced levels.
  • The course includes a total of over 90 topics, 72 hours of dissections, 60 hours of lectures & 12 hours of video sessions in both the modules put together.
  • All the courses are organised in the same venue in Bangalore, India, every year.
  • The Dissectors & Observers will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Spot registrations shall be allowed only for Observers to the extent of the number of seats, if vacant.
  • The Fellowship Courses are recognised by international organisations in the specialty.
  • The Dissectors will be awarded a certificate by  M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, a Deemed University under the Government of India and a Fellowship of the World Skull Base Foundation.
  • The fees for the course will be paid upfront. The fee excludes arrangements for travel & accommodation.

For Dissectors

  • Only 25 Dissectors will be registered for the Fellowship in Lateral Skull Base Surgery on a first- come-first-serve basis
  • All Dissectors will be given resource kit one month before start of the course
  • There shall be a commitment from the Dissectors to attend both the modules
  • The Dissectors will be awarded Fellowship at the end of  the two modules
  • There will no refund of the course fees if the Dissector fails to attend one or more module(s)
  • Payment will be done upfront for both the modules
  • The best Dissector will get an award certificate and a textbook on Skull Base Surgery
  • The Dissectors are invited to the official Banquet
  • All the Dissectors will get a free registration to the Hitchhiker’s guide to Skull Base Surgery, a live surgical workshop organised by World Skull Base Foundation
  • The Fellowship Courses are a pre-requisite for entry into the Clinical Fellowship Programs offered under the aegis of World Skull Base Foundation (Know More)

For Observers

  • Only 50 Observers will be registered for the Fellowship on a first-come-first-serve basis for each module
  • Observers can choose to attend either one or both of the modules
  • The Observers are entitled to attend the lectures and the dissections but will not be entitled for hands-on participation in the dissections
  • There will be two Observers allotted for one dissection table
  • The Observers will not have access to the teaching material
  • The Observers will get an Observership certificate
  • Spot registrations for Observerships is only subject to availability of seats
  • The Observers are invited to the official Banquet

Audiovisual Rules

  • Photography and videography using any kind of recording devices is Strictly prohibited inside the lecture halls.
  • Dissectors and Observers can record the dissection from the monitors attached to the microscope for  personal use, without violating the privacy of the cadavers.
  • The recorded photos or videos shall be for personal use only and the person recording will give an undertaking that this will not be used for public viewing.