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It is not about the idea. It is about making the idea happen.

Echoing this maxim, the genesis of World Skull Base Fellowship Diplomas was laid. What began as an idea, gathered strength by the tremendous interest that it generated in the medical fraternity. The event has grown beyond expectations bringing together specialists from various countries to the first ever course. I would like to express my sheer excitement and enthusiasm that the World Skull Base family is growing and we are all going to gather soon, in the beautiful city of Bangalore.

Skull Base Surgery involves skills in Neurosurgery, Otology, Head & Neck Surgery, Facial Plastics, Hearing and other neural rehabilitation. Gaining expertise in all these areas is an arduous task for a specialist focused in any one of these areas. Hence, for long, Skull Base Surgery has not been practiced in its entirety and it is also the reason why it lacks a structured training programme in most countries. It is this that we hope to address with these Fellowship Diplomas: to provide a structured curriculum based training programme in both Lateral and Anterior Skull Base Surgery.

The World Skull Base Fellowship Diplomas will be held in Lateral and Anterior Skull Base Surgery every alternating year. The modulated format has been developed to incorporate all topics in the subspecialty along with cadaveric hands on dissections.  The Lateral Skull Base Fellowship Diploma includes 90 topics, 72 hours of dissections, 60 hours of lectures & 12 hours of video sessions. The Diplomas have received an overwhelming response and are showing signs of a long journey.

I look forward to welcome you all and I ascertain that you will enjoy as as much we have enjoyed bringing this together for you!

Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao
Managing Director & CEO
World Skull Base Foundation


World Skull Base provides training opportunities to doctors and medical professionals in the specialty of Skull Base Surgery. World Skull Base has launched its flagship training programme, The Fellowship Diplomas, organised at Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center, Bangalore (India) which is one of its kind and the first comprehensive curriculum based training programme launched in the specialty of Skull Base Surgery. The objective of this programme is to define the scope of Skull Base Surgery, to create a professional community of trained Skull Base surgeons and to establish Skull Base Surgery as a separate subspecialty.

The Fellowship Diplomas are conducted separately in Lateral and Anterior Skull Base Surgery at different times in the year. Each module lasts 7 days and the curriculum that is spread across 2 modules covers all important topics in the subject. Dissectors are expected to attend both the modules and pass a written exam at the end of the course. Lectures will be in the forenoon and dissections in the afternoon. With over 60 hours of lectures with over 100 topics and 72 hours of dissections, this is indeed the most comprehensive course in Skull Base Surgery. The Dissectors will be provided with the best and state-of-the-art equipment including high speed drills, high definition microscopes and monitors giving the Dissectors an ‘in-theatre’ experience. The cadavers provided are fresh frozen and exclusively curated for the course with injections into the Anterior and posterior arterial and venous systems. Faculty for the course are sourced both internationally and nationally. Over 40 top faculties, will be sharing their experience with the participants. At the end of the course, the participants will go through a written examination passing which they will be awarded a Diploma from Ramaiah University (Deemed University under the Government of India). At the end of the final module, Dissectors will also be awarded a Fellowship of the World Skull Base Foundation.

Salient features

  • 25 Dissectors for LSBS
  • 15 Dissectors for ASBS
  • 50 Observers for LSBS
  • 30 Observers for ASBS
  • 15 Assistant Observers for ASBS
  • 2 modules of 7 days each
  • Structured curriculum based training in theory and dissections
  • 60 hours of lectures with over 100 topics and 72 hours of dissections
  • Over 40 world-renowned faculty
  • International accreditations
  • Fresh frozen and injected cadavers curated with patented technology
  • State of the art infrastructure with an ‘in-theatre’ experience
  • Only Skull Base Surgery course to be awarded a University Diploma




IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: WSBFD in Lateral & Anterior Skull Base Surgery 

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, we have come to live in uncertain times. Healthcare workers, professionals and governmental agencies around the world are fighting day and night, to save lives. When we announced the 1st postponement of the courses in February, the world had seen about 100,000 cases in about 5000 deaths in about 35 countries. Indian had a little over 50 cases. As per the latest news India has recorded 87,87,950 cases and 128,686 deaths. The rapidity of spread and the devastations have been mind boggling. Most of the countries affected badly are either in partial or complete shutdown, including India. The WHO has recommended that affected countries remain shut for prolonged periods as social distancing is the only tool of benefit until a vaccine is soon developed. WHO also suggests that there could be a second wave of infections that could be affecting all of us. With state, national and international health organizations/agencies recommending that large meetings and events be postponed, it is clear that non necessary travel must be avoided to safeguard ourselves and our families.

At no point do we want to dilute any aspect of the course and we still want to be able to give you our best, as you too expect. Hence, under such unfortunate circumstances, the Executive Committee of World Skull Base has decided to host World Skull Base Fellowship Diplomas in Lateral and Anterior Skull Base Surgery in 2021, hoping that the COVID pandemic would have eased out by then, allowing us to host the programme. We are looking at March end or early April for the first module in Lateral Skull Base Surgery and July and or early August for the second module. Similarly, we are looking at the window between late November or early December for Anterior Skull Base Surgery.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding. This painful decision has been taken with the best interest of our participants, faculties and logistic partners.



World Skull Base Foundation